Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Just FYI...

Just FYI, I have been a bit selfish in my findings lately.... As it was when I married my husband, most of the house hold furniture had already been established by the time I came around. However, our bedroom was made up of only a bed.. and a TV. Thats pretty much it. So, as I have come to find some darling pieces in the last couple of months, I have selfishly kept them for myself! So I thought I would show and tell! Someone will have to name a hefty price to get these out of my house! But here they are anyways just for fun!

Starting with my pride and joy... My Vanity :)

I refinished the vanity, mirror, and stool to match. I painted them all white with a heavy glaze on top. I also cut an extra piece from my duvet cover to cover the top of the stool. The original handles were darling, but I love crystals so I made a compromise. Original handles on top, crystal on bottom. :) I LOVE how it turned out!

I found this beauty at a yard sale! My new Dresser!
I painted it to match the vanity as well. I loved the handles on it already so I kept them with it!

And finally, my hands down best craigslist find of the day! Two darling shabby chic bed side tables. They were already black, so I distressed them a little more to bring out the wood, then I replaced the knobs with crystal! LOVE these.

I am so happy that my room is now complete! I love the way these pieces look together, even though they aren't the same set. SO HAPPY!!

Now I can get back to selling some fun stuff! Cute red wooden cabinet coming soon!

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